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Olive and oatmeal

oliwa-oliwkiOatmeal and energy
Oatmeal eaten 45 minutes before a workout provides optimum energy. For they are rich in fiber and energy from carbohydrates secreted into the body very slowly. This prevents the rapid increase in insulin levels and the resulting hypoglycemia. The slowdown also helps breakdown the carbohydrate content in the petals of protein. Anyone who needs a long-term fuel for your workout should include oatmeal to its menu. Foods that we all remember from childhood, can help us today.

It is most commonly consumed fat in the Mediterranean. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, whose consumption prevents cardiovascular diseases. Our diet should be composed of a variety of vegetables, and olive oil can be to them a great and healthy spice. Especially in the increasingly popular in our country, a variety of salads.

The best exercise for calves

lydkaWhat is the best exercise that build calf ? I spent probably an eternity , building the lower parts of my legs , and nothing. I wonder how their calves practice of ballet dancers , since everyone has them fantastically developed. Do not get me wrong. I’m not saying that I have developed calves and they look at mizeroty . I just want to make them a little muscle to grow flush with the thighs.

I do not exercise better and faster than building the calf squats, but – as you probably did you know – with their help you extend the lower leg only to a certain degree. Then grow only quadriceps thighs and calves stuck in development. Most of the bodybuilders developed a calf, using a machine to do squats , varying number of repetitions , depending on the load : the heavier doing 8-10 reps with lighter -20 and more. Dancers from the ballet have developed great calves, but it is very often the result of the performance of their jumps in training (as well as other exercises , during which they take to their heels ) . You must remember that student to get into ballet school must have an impeccable physique (ie, broad shoulders , long neck , thighs, quadriceps trained and educated calf ) .
In my opinion, you should start practicing his calf with two used interchangeably exercise. Take a calf sessions every three days. In one exercise ordinary climbing on your toes , and the next – squats in a half precipitation on the machine. Particularly useful is the second exercise , because it extends much lower legs . Start practicing from doing 4 sets of 8-25 reps in a session and try to reach the 8 series . Each time preceding exercise long standing motionless ( without resistance ) with raised heels , which increases the tension in the lower parts of the legs. At the time , when you exercise , you should perform so long movement as possible . And one more thing – if you want to develop the lower part of the calf ( soleus ) , you should add to the session calf exercises on the machine. Remember to always vary the number of repetitions in the sessions and try to perform each move up debts .

I would like to have a 45 cm biceps

biceps-trningMy question relates to training biceps . Just a few years doing curls with a barbell and bending alternating with dumbbells , and despite the size of my biceps stuck at 39 cm ( I might add that I have 170 cm tall and 72 kg in weight ) . Can you help me in bringing biceps at least the size of 45 cm ?

I think I have for you an interesting program . For starters you could start with 4 sets of 15 – 20 reps with a barbell bending standing. Then go to the exercises that I have prepared for you . Find at your gym apparatus shown in the picture , or else where you will be able to accept a position as a practitioner . Your torso should lay slightly above the hands. Replace the barbell weight , which normally do 18 -20 reps, but do not stop if you can do more than 20 deflections . If you feel that you can do up to 22 reps , do it. Last 4-5 repetitions of this exercise is a repeat of growth. First, you should do 3 sets of repetitions and increase over weeks , until you reach the 6 series .
For your efforts yielded the desired results , you should end each session a large glass of protein shake . Your hands certainly will repay you for your efforts!

Test of strength – bench press dumbbell with one hand

wyciskanie-sztangielek1Today you have a chance to test their performance in extrusion dumbbell with one hand and compare them with professional sports are considered to be ” medium „, „good” ” very good” and ” professional level ” .

How to squeezing with one hand with dumbbell standing.
To establish your one repetition maximum of this exercise , use only one dumbbells , held in stronger hands . Maintain an upright position and push the load up until it locks . Remember – it is to be a test of your true strength. The other free hand you can do whatever you like , under one condition – no cheating !

How to count their achievement.
After zważysz and a passing one of the following classes , check out the range of places where you your one repetition maximum bench press with one hand with dumbbell standing. Do not stop on the obtained result , no matter what it is. If you are not as strong as you thought – compared to the pros – why not , practice this exercise for a period of three months ? You see , then you will be amazed at how strong you’ve become .

Squeezing One- STANDING BY dumbbell (the result in kilograms )
Body Weight    Average    Good    Very Good       level of professional

Bantamweight (up to 63 kg) 23   30   35   38

Feather (64 to 66 kg ) 25   33   38   40

Light ( 65 to 74 kg ) 28   35   40   43

Average (from 75 to 83 kg ) 30    38    43    45

Cruiserweight (from 84 to 91 kg) 36    43    45    50

Medium duty (from 92 to 99 kg ) 43    50    55     60

Severe (100 to 115 kg ) 50    55     60    70

Super Heavyweight ( from 116 kg onwards ) 55     63     70   80

It should be remembered that the given table is based on the respect of strength to weight. This means that if you write a number of professional weighs pounds, is at his weight should be able to raise adequate weight.
Comparison with one hand squeezing the dumbbells standing. Remember, the data are expressed as the effort equal to one repetition maximum .
We still have a lot of exercises on which to test their strength and build muscle . Squeezing one-handed with dumbbell standing is the first of them. Performed for the overall development of the deltoid is also the only one of its kind test of the strength of the player . Notice that we do not use weights , but dumbbells . When you bench press with one hand while standing single deltoid muscle must work individually , with no bending of the body or other assistance. As long as we practice with straight backs , there will be no cheating.

How strong are you?

kulturystykaHave you ever wondered about how smart you are ? How are your results compared to the achievements of professionals. Only a select few had the opportunity to see their favorite stars during a heavy workout at the gym . You can say (of course with some exceptions ) , they are very strong. How much? As you’re out compared to them? After calculating the weights on the leg press machine Jean Pierre Fux’a or mountains of iron, which moves daily Ronnie Coleman – whether kiedykowiek tried to compare to these guys ?
Do not try to just run to the gym , catch something comes along to you first hand and waving it until you get an injury of the shoulder girdle . It is best to warm up a little and practice at the beginning , before you come up with the idea obładowania weights ” to the max ” . Remember to take this opportunity to provide a safety net . If Podolany and weight , dispensing first , I advise you to go for a blow . If it fails you , rest a few minutes and try again . When you load the break still can not be beat , it will mean that just found the limit value of their options. You should then save the number, and then check in the table , in which the range of the mieścicie . Now we want you to check the strength of their biceps . Distinguished weight categories and classes (from average to professional ) to help you recognize your own capabilities . We do not think many of you have reached the right class of ” very good” or ” professional” , but we give them to you to set themselves the goal of achieving them . However, there are rules that must be followed along with the behavior of common sense , which minimizes the risk of injury. First of all, warm up exercises before getting started .

How to check – The goal is to see how much you can lift , bent barbell in a standing position , being in good shape. Curl is inherently one of the easiest exercises to lifting weights , however, the beginning of the movement , when we are slightly bent forward, and the end, when we turn to the back of the deviation is not the correct way to perform this exercise. Helping a balancing of the body is a mere deception . Doing one repetition , you should hold the barbell in straight arms and raise it at the same pace . Of course , natural movements that occur all over the body , but you should at all times strive to maintain a stable, upright posture . Vision is to be stuck in one point ahead. Do not twist and balance . Elbows should strictly adhere to the sides .
Repetition should be carried out without leaning back against the wall or whatever . This support allows you to raise more weight than anyone is capable of.

Supplements bodybuilder

odzywki-proteinoweSupplement XXI century – Hydroxycut – one of the most popular in the West fatburnerów , who often ask about . Its popularity is due to the effectiveness and extremely precise interconnect several main components : 1 Hydroxagenu , second guarana , ma huang third , fourth L – carnitine and 5 pikolinatu chromium.
This supplement not only helps in burning fat , but also prevents it from storage. Hydroxycutu efficiency thus allows greater amounts of food consumption while maintaining good ” sculpting ” .

Nutrition once again – no magic pill
Thinking of yourself as a bodybuilder you should always pay attention to four things : protein , starch , fruit and vegetables. Adequate nutrition is simple – because every one of you , regardless of place of residence and zamożnościmoże afford it . Let us , for example, breakfast bodybuilder. Protein , two eggs, cheese wiejskikilka slices of cheese , protein powder mixed with milk. That’s all. Simple , is not it ? Starch, a plate of porridge , corn flakes, wholemeal bread . Also easy. Now it’s time for fruits and vegetables. The breakfast is the most delicious fruit. Eat half grejfuta , banana and two apples . For people who like fruit smoothies are a number of possibilities – just miksujcie your favorite fruits with milk and kończcie nutritious meal including drink. Really, to begin to eat healthily , do not need no magic pill .

Squeezing the dumbbells in both hands above his head

triceps-sztangielkaIf you regularly go to the gym , probably thousands of times have you heard the truism that great weights build muscle . To lift heavy weights , you need proper exercise – most increases in squats and dead strings . When it comes to adding weight to the shoulders – it works the same principle here . Exercise that allows lifting heavy weights and thereby expand the triceps , is squeezing one heavy dumbbells over your head. The movement performed during lifting more engaged this group of muscles than other exercises . Elevate is best done while sitting with their backs supported thereon . Beginning, is raised high dumbbell , then lowered controlled movement. It is important to hold the elbows close as possible to the head. Without a pause, lift the dumbbell up until it locks elbows and triceps full voltage . If you exercise with your partner , let them help you in the past , forced reps , belaying the back of the elbows .

Squeezing the dumbbells behind your head with both hands Arnold
Arnold likes to do this exercise , because it allows him to take on the heavy burden . Use it to build great triceps , because it is purely an exercise of force. Arnold did not hurry up and increases the weight slowly , without doing more than 15 reps in the series. In this way protects against injuries. Furthermore would like to keep your elbows to the head , but he can not . Partly responsible for his massive hands, but the main problem is challenging – and even dangerous – the style of the exercise . Pull apart the elbow facilitates the work of the shoulder joints and facilitates greater burden triceps . Arnold performs a full range of motion, allowing czubkowi dumbbells fall head before re- raising . Increases the load gradually , starting from 27 kg to 36 kg passes , then to 45 kg, 54 kg and 59 kg, to finish at 45 kg in the last series . It ends with a fairly light load in order to give their tricepsom decent pumped .

The best exercises for triceps – Dave Fisher

triceps-sztangielka-sklonThe download bar

Exercise , of which Dave prefers to start the session. Reasons for this are several . First , simply stand in one place and change the load by moving joystick up and down the prescribed course. When you begin to exercise, and your muscles and joints are still stiff and cold , you should not even think about hauling heavy dumbbells or barbells . Such warnings are for the young and motivated people seem to chatter mmol as the content – to the time when ‚x’ injuries will teach you that it is true. After such a sore learning each takes a new respect for your body and trying every next time be imposed at each load and train with maximum safety . The download of the rod allows for decent pumped up muscles and warm elbows, shoulder joints and surrounding tendons. Dave begins to load, which can do 20 reps . Then he allows himself to pull the rod lower and lower , making 3 – 4 series . In the last series has just enough strength to perform 10 repetitions. After graduating, he is willing to work.

The download bar one-handed reverse grip

Typically you will see bodybuilders doing this exercise with both hands , standing in the machine and astringent in a light slope . Dave feels better insulation and cramps when exercising just one hand in a very light precipitation in the front. Doing 3 sets of snatch 12 – 20 repetitions.

Wymachy barbell back in precipitation

Dave is doing this exercise rarely , only when it is bored others. He believes that it does not give results in the form of increased muscle mass, but it helps greatly ukrwawić muscle . He lifts up his elbow and trying to keep it in place doing 3 sets of 12 -20 repetitions of 11 -13 pound dumbbell . When it is in the highest position , blocking the elbow and firmly tightens your triceps .

Bench Press in a narrow handle

Unlike the reverse stroke, a barbell , lifting the weights in the narrow nip is a long- proven method for charging triceps strength and improving the size Dave squeezing exercises many different ways , using the bar or broken line lying flat on a bench , or oblique head down. Because this is a very encouraging weight exercise , doing 4 – 5 sets of 12 -20 repetitions , starting with a load of 45 kg , and ending at twice . Dave formerly practicing in this way , could lead to 140 kg on the bar , but now I do not abused quite so much. When practicing , keeping your elbows in one place and isolates the triceps during slow reps , lowering the bar on the same head. If you would like to work in this way, you should try on safety net .

Squeezing the dumbbells behind your head with one hand

This is a great move for a preliminary stretch before each repetition . Dave grabs something with his free hand and sets up a second elbow . At the end of each repetition elbow deflects slightly outwards , although the attempts to keep it in place. Makes 4 series on each hand , practicing with the 14 – 16 -pound dumbbell , after 15-20 reps.


Dave used to do normal push-ups with a loaded belt, but since he injured his pectoral muscles , is forced to use the machine for push-ups . It gives the practitioner a better control . Keeping your elbows as close to your body as possible and allowing them to move the torso , Dave straightens his hands up to full lock and tension triceps . No repetition is not complete until Dave reached during a full tension. He does usually 3-4 sets of 12 – 15 reps .

The download of the single-handed snatch

Taking snatch pull ( reverse grip ) increases the size of the load acting on the outer or medial head of the triceps , and more descriptively : in this part of the triceps , which can be seen from the rear. Keep your elbow in place and achieve full muscle tension before it starts to rozprostowywać hand. Dave is doing this exercise as the final , most often after push-ups and bench press dumbbells behind your head. It does not require a great burden , in contrast to other types of download . Three sets of 12-20 reps give him the pumped that his triceps are close to cracking.

Dave Fisher – triceps workout

CHOICE EXERCISE – Dave believes that a much more important thing than that which exercise you choose is how you perform them . If you do not during exercise stimulated the nerve endings in the muscles and you fail to properly tired triceps are just wasting your time . Dave practiced efficiency of their nerve endings during thousands of repetitions , so I can bet any money that it knows how to properly execute even the most sophisticated exercise . It does not do all these exercises never in one session. This approach to exercise is almost murder . Frequently changing exercise programs for triceps and rarely repeats exactly the same movements and order their execution .
Almost always starts from the lift and pull down , and usually ends with an exercise similar to the lift on the arms from a sitting or squeezing dumbbells over head with both hands. Between these exercises usually makes two other , sometimes changing the exercise ending on some lighter extrusion. Solid triceps stimulates differentiation to work at varying angles and makes moving even very resistant involved muscle fibers . This diversity is very important physiological and psychological point of view , when – as Dave – training for many years .

Dave is doing a lot of reps with little load on the triceps and other muscle groups. Once he used to brag about his extraordinary strength, sometimes more than professional bodybuilders , but injuries , which thus contracted , cured him of this ” kozaczenia ” . Dave went 3 small tears pectoral muscles , not to mention many other problems with the shoulders , elbows and knees . In the end we are all only human , even though some of us have build Hercules. Now he repeats slowly , completely focusing on muscle contraction . For its practice knows that a greater range of the movement and lighter loads give more benefit muscles ( produces more lactic acid ) than the exercise with a heavy load and short movement. By training your triceps , Dave made ​​considerable progress , using a series of 12 to 20 repetitions.